Meet our native ingredients

We purchase most of our native ingredients through Indigenous owned companies. We continually strive to give you the most potent and pure ingredients sourced in an ethical, sustainable and conscious way.

Centipeda Cunninghamii is now known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to anterpenoids, phenolic acid, chlorogenic acid, tryptophan and lignin. It has great antimicrobial properties to help promote a balanced gut microbiome which in turn assists in eliminating toxic waste.

Davidson Plum has incredible benefits, including high levels of potassium and calcium for strong and healthy muscles and bones. It contains vitamin E, Zinc, Lutein and high levels of anthocyanins which is a powerful antioxidant that helps combat the signs of ageing.

This fruit, while very similar to a regular lime, has a thin skin layer and can be eaten whole. It is a rich source of vitamin C and calcium for boosting immunity and bone strength. Containing phenolic acids, flavanone glycosides and lignan it assists in protecting against free radicals and reducing inflammation.
The emu apple has been more traditionally used for skin conditions.  This fruit is loaded with amino acids, organic acids, gallic acid, flavonals, catechin and phenolics.  It contains vitamin C, A, phosphorus and potassium. This all has a powerful effect on all skin conditions, immunity and detox pathways.

A source of vitamin C, E, A, folate and potassium, this antioxidant rich Native plant has been known to aid immunity and reduce signs of aging. Finger Limes were commonly used by Australian Indigenous communities as an antiseptic for cuts and wounds and to fight disease.

The Kakadu plum has the highest levels of natural vitamin C in the world, 100x more than an orange. It also contains anti- inflammatory properties due to the high amounts of Ellagic and Gallic acids. On top of this it possesses powerful antioxidants including flavanols, aromatic acids, anthocyanins and lutein.

A popular Australian native plant, it has been commonly used in teas and praised for its properties to aid immunity, concentration and relaxation due to it possessing high amounts of vitamin C, a potent concentration of citral and lutein.  It assists in managing gastric upsets like bloating, diarrhoea as it's a powerful digestive aid.
With incredible gut health and digestion benefits, Native Seaweed is a superfood that just gives us another reason to admire and respect our beautiful oceans. Aids in inhibiting bacteria and fungus to grow and spread that can cause digestion issues down the track.
A nutrient powerhouse, the Tasmanian Pepper Berry easily outshines the humble blueberry for its antioxidant value. Aiding in fighting free radicals due to the compound polygodial and high amounts of vitamin E and lutein. It is also a powerful digestive enzyme.  
Hailing from the same plant as the pepper berry, the leaf has its own incredible health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, the Pepper leaf is thought to aid in stabilising blood sugar levels by reducing glucose absorption. It contains vitamin E, Zinc, lutein and calcium.  It also has powerful antimicrobial affects within the digestive tract.

Also known as ‘wild peach’ the Quandong was traditionally used by Aboriginal people as a meat substitute for its high protein content. The Quandong is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamin C and E which are all integral for optimal skin health. It also contains great amounts of iron and folate that boosts energy production.

Traceable and ethically sourced

We continually strive to give you the most potent and pure ingredients sourced in an ethical, sustainable and conscious way. Check out the map and table below and discover where our ingredients are sourced.

Map of our ingredients sourcing locations Location of where our ingredients are sourced