Kakadu Plum

(Terminalia Ferdinandiana)

The Kakadu Plum is the hero of Aussie superfoods!

Traditionally, the fruit is consumed raw and the sap is roasted and used to treat inflammation in skin conditions and sores. It’s also great for fighting colds and flus. The Kakadu plum has the highest levels of natural vitamin C in the world, 100x more than an orange. It also contains anti- inflammatory properties due to the high amounts of Ellagic and Gallic acids. On top of this it possesses powerful antioxidants including flavanols, aromatic acids, anthocyanins and lutein.

Why we think it's the world's most potent superfood

Vitamin C

It has the highest vitamin C level of ANY plant or fruit on the planet. Up to 100 times that of an orange. It aids immunity and your heart health. It also helps your body absorb iron better, which is great for your energy levels.

Anti inflammatory

Ellagic and Gallic acids found in Kakadu Plum have incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin and hair

Packed with Vitamin E, zinc and folate which is beneficial for nourishing the skin and hair.

Antioxidant powerhouse

Powerful antioxidants including flavanols, aromatic acids, anthocyanins, and lutein to protect against carcinogens and free radicals causing chronic disease and illness.

Weight loss

With a low caloric content and high dietary fibre, the Kakadu Plum absorbs water from your colon, making you feel fuller. It also aids in clearing the digestive tract.

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