Why We’ve Landed on PET Plastic Jars

Why We’ve Landed on PET Plastic Jars
Our long awaited jars are now back in stock but with a few key differences.
After deep thought and research we’ve landed on using recycled PET plastic jars. Let us tell you a few key reasons why…
  1.  Most glass in Australia isn’t actually recycled. It’s put into landfill due to an oversupply of glass and an under supply of recycling resources
  2. Glass quite frequently breaks during transit. When glass breaks during transit “you” the valued customer gets frustrated and the impact on the environment also suffers as a result.
  3. Glass jars are heavier to post therefore it’s creates more emissions for the environment during transit.
  4. It takes a lot more resources to produce glass than PET plastic which in turn puts stress on the environment.
  5. If a PET jar ended up in landfill it takes approximately 10 x less time to biodegrade than glass. Glass takes over 4000 years whereas a PET jar takes approximately 400 years.
At the end of the day we were hesitant when we considered moving away from glass. But the data was clear that PET plastic was far better for the environment than glass has ever been. 
We will always choose the environment over anything and everything.