First of all we would love to point out that we are huge advocates for eating a whole food diet.  You become what you eat. Literally! Old science used to talk about calories in and calories out as being the standard and therefore there is still some old school trains of thought in the wellness industry particularly the fitness sector that a calorie is a calorie.  Science has now disproved this many times over and we now understand that depending on what you put in your body will have different signals or gene expressions.  

For example: if you eat 2000 calories of sugar or Mcdonalds it will signal your body to turn on different genes to that of if you eat say 2000 calories of avocado and broccoli.  

Now let’s say you eat only a wholefood diet and no junk food whatsoever. Why would you need to supplement on top of this amazing diet?  Great question.  In a perfect world or a world 60-70 years ago you would have been eating vegetables and fruits that weren’t genetically modified, that didn’t use pesticides as a standard, and didn’t use mono farming techniques which all lead to soil nutrient depletion.  What people forget is it’s not just the plant or animal you get the nutrients from, it's the soil that the plant or animal grew in.  If this soil is substandard which is today’s farming standard then the nutrients in the plant are sub standard.  

There was an article published by Dr Mark Hyman a year ago stating that a broccoli today has 50% less nutrients than a broccoli 50 years ago. That is huge! 

Now, some of you will say but I eat organic and the soil I grow my vegetables in is nutrient dense. Well first of all we genuinely applaud you! This is just bloody amazing and we really hope this becomes the gold standard again for the rest of the world in the near future.  But what we don’t put enough emphasis on is that in today’s modern world we are more highly stressed, we have more environmental toxins being from the air we breathe, emf exposure, the shampoos, skin lotions, sunscreens we put on our skin, the water we drink, and the faster paced life we live.  All this puts a higher demand on our bodies which in turn requires more nutrients to keep running at an optimal level. 

All in all, today’s world has changed and is continuing to change rapidly and to ensure that we give our bodies the best possible chance to run at a vibrant and optimal level we need to fuel it with the best possible fuel going around.  Preferably wholefoods and wholefood supplements. 

The outtake: Eat wholefoods, supplement intelligently, move your body, calm your mind and nervous system and make sure you get plenty of quality sleep and human connection.  

Big love from Adam - Co Founder of BTB