We currently live in a world where science has now not only acknowledged the importance of gut health but is placing more of a heavy emphasis on it when considering treatments.  Functional doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists tend to look at chronic illness from more of a holistic standpoint and almost always address and treat the gut as part of their foundational protocols.   It’s fair to say that a lot of today’s chronic lifestyle diseases stem from a bad gut, whether it be from overuse of antibiotics, drinking, stress, parasites, the pill, overuse of medicines like PPI’s etc which in turn can cause a myriad of problems from gut dysbiosis, IBS, chrones, IBD, leaky gut to name a few.  

Most of you have heard about probiotics and their use in modern medicine.  If you haven't well in a nutshell a probiotic is live bacteria that we introduce orally in tablet or powder form that take host in our gut that offer a host of health benefits.  

Prebiotics or prebiotic fibre is essentially a resistant starch that feeds the diverse range of good bacteria that live in your gut.  In our G’day gut blend we use a locally grown green banana starch because of it being well tolerated, it’s low sugar content and high vitamin and mineral content.  Prebiotic fibre is essential to ensure that your diverse range of good microflora flourish and keep balance.

POSTBIOTICS though are a very new discovery in the world of modern medicine.  The best way to describe postbiotics is to say that they are the byproducts of the probiotics or the (poop) of your good bacteria.  Science has now discovered that postbiotics could be in fact maybe the most valuable part of taking a probiotic.  The great things about taking postbiotics vs probiotics are:

  1. They are heat resistant meaning they don’t need to be refrigerated to keep they efficacy 
  2. Because of the heat resistance you can bake or cook with them
  3. They work almost instantly when consumed as there is no live bacteria that need to take host 
  4. They are better tolerated by people with IBS, IBD that might have otherwise had there symptoms exacerbated by taking probiotics

All in all POSTBIOTICS  may support your immune system to help prevent a myriad of digestive issues and even reduce symptoms associated with irritable bowel diseases.  They have even been show to be affective in treating or reducing the severity of certain allergies. Postbiotics are generally safe and well-tolerated and can be found in our g’day gut blend alongside a powerhouse of prebiotics and probiotics.  Here’s to great gut health!