Let's Talk About Sleep

Let's Talk About Sleep

In Australia alone many talk shows and studies indicate that over a third of all Australians and up to 45% over 18 years of age get less than the daily recommended amount of sleep. Many attribute this to stresses like work, technology and lifestyle factors and over half of these people have been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.

 Deep restorative sleep is one of if not the main tools that is the key to optimal health. When you receive deep restful sleep your body undertakes many biological processes that restores, heals and ultimately brings the body back to homeostasis.

 Some of these key processes are but not limited to:

  • The brain stores new and relevant information
  • Your detox pathways work hard to eliminate toxic waste
  • Your nerves communicate and restore optimal function
  • Your body repairs damaged cells
  • You release hormones and proteins
  • Inflammation throughout the body has the ability to reduce
  • Your mitochondria and energy systems restore

 When our bodies stay in a heightened or sympathetic state many of these restorative processes are overlooked as it does not recognize these as immediate needs due to being in a fight or flight response.

 Many sleep disorders are due to environmental factors like:

  • Using technology being phones, computers, iphones within two hours of going to sleep
  • Being exposed to blue lights / fluro lights in general before bedtime
  • Stressing about the day you have had
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating large amounts of food close to bedtime
  • Consuming sugar or stimulants after 3pm
  • Being overweight and suffering from conditions like sleep apnea

 The great news is that the majority of people who suffer from poor sleep have access to cheap if not free tools that will allow them to improve their sleep quality dramatically. What people need to understand is that good sleep requires good habits and good discipline. It’s a learnt set of behaviours.


 A few things that the team of Bush Tucker Blends do and take to combat

  • Turn off all devices 2 hours before bedtime including no watching TV
  • Surround yourself with natural lights like candles, fireplace or yellow lights 2 hours before bedtime
  • Invest in blue light blocker glasses and wear them a few hours before bedtime
  • Journal about your day to get everything out instead of internalising it when laying in bed
  • Meditating to reduce overall cortisol and stress response
  • Taking a natural sleep supplement that supports your nervous system and allows you to get a natural deep sleep without the reliance of an addictive job (Bush Tucker Blends Sleep blend is our go to)

Sweet dreams!