Our Bush Tucker Blends story

g'day! our bush tucker story is quite organic in the way it was born and we now live by this approach day to day both personally and professionally.

We’re two mates with shared passions of health, nature, Australia and its people. We have personally experienced and seen how important it is to slow down and reconnect to mother nature - and how that is an integral part to overall optimal health.

we know good health is multifaceted and therefore is more than just a diet, it's a way of life.

Balanced wholefood nutrition, good sleep, regular exercise, connection to something greater than yourself and a daily dose of disconnect all attribute to vital emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We’ve experienced firsthand how easy it is to let “life” take over and how your health can suffer, leading to burn out, dis-ease and even worse.

2020, and everything that came with it has forced us all to self reflect. We all have been reminded more than ever that health should never be taken for granted.

Over the past few years during regular sessions in the ocean we’ve spoken about creating a company with a deeper mission that gives back and contributes to a better Australia for both it’s people, the country and ultimately the planet. We want to help others nourish their bodies using our specially formulated supplement blends containing very rare, traditional and potent Australian Native superfoods while inspiring people to reconnect with the land. This in turn helps them have more balance and joy in their own lives. After all, Australia's indigenous communities have been consuming these superfoods for over 65,000 years while living a very connected life to country. This allowed them to not just survive but thrive. This is something that should be celebrated and shared.

With the help of Adam’s wife who is an amazing Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist and our in house team of nutritionists, naturopaths and food scientists that specialise in Native Australian foods, we’ve created our first range of Bush Tucker Blends.

We believe that in times of adversity there’s always a silver lining, or as we like to call it, the GOLD. Bush Tucker Blends is our GOLD.

Born organically, harvesting sustainably and made with the community in mind with the help of our friends, teachers and the many who have supported us on this journey.

our spirits are high, and we’re so stoked you’re on the journey with us.

From our families to yours,
Adam & Mark - Bush Tucker Blends