Rest & Defend

Rest & Defend

How beautiful is wintertime! A time to go into hibernation, rest, restore and just be…

We also understand that this time of year has a lot of Influenza cases lurking so it’s important to be on the front foot when it comes to your immunity.  Although taking a supplement and resting when you get sick has benefits there is nothing better than being proactive and preventative.  

A few things we are currently doing here at BTB to help us cruise through these winter months.

  1. Get outside in nature for some exercise. We all understand that exercise plays a crucial role for your immune and overall health but when you get off a treadmill and into a forest or beach your whole nervous system relaxes and resets.
  2. Gargle each night with warm salt water. This not only prevents germs from the day to breed but it tones your vagus nerve which helps drop you into a deeper sleep state.
  3. Spend at least 20 mindful minutes by yourself each day. This means meditation, gentle yoga, or simply sitting. Don’t take your phone, book or anything else that may distract you. Just simply be NOT do.  
  4. Supplement intelligently.  We see great benefit in combining both our true blue immunity and our sweet dreams blendstogether.  The immune blend nourishes your body with vitamin c, d3, zinc and antioxidants while the sleep blend ensures that you get a deep sleep so your body can rest and reset to take on anything that is thrown your way.

As always, here’s to living the Bush Tucker lifestyle with vibrant health!


Adam - co founder