Ours versus theirs

Ours versus theirs

The supplement industry is saturated and it can be very overwhelming as a consumer to visit countless supplement websites, and understand what sets them apart from other supplement companies. And if it’s worth spending your dollars and one versus the other.

Most companies can make a supplement and slap a label on it, and because the regulation for these superfood companies is very loose, companies often go unchecked. What does that mean? Companies can cut corners in order to make more on the bottom line. Ultimately who loses out? You, the consumer for various reasons.

To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve broken down the key differences between our whole food supplements and other superfood and supplement companies.



  • Our products contain therapeutic doses of vitamins & minerals and probiotics;
  • All our products are 3rd party tested for Heavy metals, vitamin content, mould and microbes;
  • We use NO synthetic vitamins, minerals, additives, flavours, preservatives, fillers or anything else;
  • Our formulas are scientifically formulated by our in-house team of health professionals;
  • We use primarily Australian ingredients;
  • Our native ingredients are only sourced from indigenous owned companies.
  • Most Wholefood blends contain insignificant amounts of vitamins and minerals;
  • 99.9% of health food companies don’t test their products or abide by any regulatory standards as there is no standard for this;
  • They use synthetic vitamins and minerals and call them “natural”. Quite commonly using other synthetic additives;
  • The majority of brands are unfortunately just marketing companies and don’t develop their products with health professionals;
  • Ingredients commonly come from china and are just packed in Australia;
  • Most Australian ingredient lists are 10% or less.

It’s these important factors that make the difference between a product that works and is ethical in its approach and a product that doesn’t work at all. We aren’t just about making a quick buck; Bush Tucker wants to stand the test of time by delivering high quality products that make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of each and every person who consumes our blends. Your health is your greatest asset. Without it, it’s a life not fully lived!

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