We are a wellness company on a mission to educate and empower people on their personal health and wellness journey. Although we are a not Indigenous owned, we acknowledge, pay our respects and empower Australian Indigenous culture with the help and advice of our Indigenous family members who also happen to be our company Indigenous advisors. 

Hello and welcome to the Bush Tucker Blends Family.

We are a health & wellness company that holds a strong intention to carry out day to day business in an ethical, sustainable and transparent manner.  We deeply believe that to experience true health, you need to nourish and balance your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Bush Tucker Blends is a company that cares deeply about the land, Indigenous culture and ultimately the power of plant medicine.

When formulating our supplement blends we use wholefoods with a heavy emphasis on Australian Native ingredients always ensuring we use therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more.  

We consciously and carefully hand select plant and other whole-food ingredients that are potent, pure and therfore energetically charged.  We are of the mindset that whole-food ingredients are far superior to that of a synthetic vitamin or mineral that was created in a lab. 

Each unique and wild harvested ingredient has much more than just the hero vitamin at play. They have a plethora of micro nutrients that help bioavailability and ultimately efficacy of our blends. Our deep belief system is that nature is far too intelligent to get things wrong. It is the human condition to believe we can outsmart her. 

We understand that it’s important to practice what we preach and remain transparent at all times, we do this by holding ourselves accountable to high standards through testing every batch of every blend in a 3rd party TGA certified lab for things like heavy metals, microbials, vitamin and minerals to name a few.  

It’s as simple as this: “We were put on this earth to consume nature” So start doing this by supplementing with a wholefood supplement.

From our family to yours.

Here’s to a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future!

    Our vision - to assist, educate and empower people while acknowledging, respecting and empowering Australian indigenous culture.

    Our ETHOS is simple, our standards are high:

    • We only use 100% natural ingredients with a strong emphasis on Australian Natives.
    • We source our Australian Native ingredients from Indigenous owned companies wherever possible and are working toward the goal of making it 100% when it becomes possible.
    • We NEVER use synthetic lab made vitamins and minerals or anything else that isn’t derived from nature.
    • All our batches of blends are third party tested by a TGA certified laboratory for potency and purity.
    • We continually strive to select ingredients that use wild harvested, ethical and sustainable farming techniques.
    • We demand a transparent and entirely traceable process from start to finish. (refer to our map of traceability)
    • We give back to our Indigenous communities and it's people in way of donating 10% of our company profits to Common Grounds.
    • We respectfully acknowledge and pay our deepest respects to all first nations people both past and present who have been foraging, farming and consuming these ingredients for 65,000 years and beyond.
    The bottom line is that we walk our talk, and we care about ensuring the products we deliver to you are as, if not more nutritionally dense as you'd find them in nature.