crafting foundational health

the bush tucker story

crafting foundational health

the bush tucker story

G'day! Our story is quite organic in the way it was born, and we now live by this approach day to day, both personally and professionally. we hope you'll join us on the journey.

Balanced wholefood nutrition, deep restorative sleep, regular exercise and a connection to something greater than yourself all contribute to vital emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We’ve experienced firsthand how easy it is to let “life” take over and how your health can suffer, leading to burn out, dis-ease and even worse.

"we know good health is multifaceted and therefore is more than just a diet, it's a way of life."

"we know good health is multifaceted and therefore is more than just a diet, it's a way of life."

The last few years and everything that came with it has forced most people to slow down and self reflect. We all have been reminded more than ever what's important and what should never be taken for granted. Your health is foundational for these priorities.

During regular sessions immersed in nature, we spoke about creating a company with a deeper mission—one that gives back and contributes to a better Australia for its people and the planet. And this is how it all began.

Our mission

Nourishing roots, nurturing futures

We aim to empower others by nourishing their bodies using our specially formulated supplement blends containing very rare, traditional, and potent Australian Native superfoods. After all, Australia's Indigenous communities have been thriving on these superfoods for over 65,000 years. This is something that should be celebrated and shared.

April 2021

our first range was launched

With the help of our in-house team of nutritionists, naturopaths, food scientists specializing in Native Australian foods, and the blessings of our Indigenous advisors, we created our first range of Bush Tucker Blends in April 2021.

We believe that in times of adversity, there’s always a silver lining - or as we like to call it, the gold. Bush Tucker Blends is our gold. Born organically, harvesting sustainably, and made with the community in mind, we’re supported by our friends, advisors, teachers, and the many who have joined us on this journey so far.


two mates on a mission

We're Adam & Mark, two mates with shared passions of health, nature, Australia and its people. We have personally experienced and seen how important it is to slow down and reconnect to mother nature and ultimately our true selves - and how that is an integral part to overall optimal health.