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Uncompromised Standards

Our products feature a superior nutrient profile with over 200 macro and micro nutrients per serve, across our entire range, ensuring that each supplement not only meets but exceeds health and wellness standards.

Third-Party Testing

Don't just take our word for it

Below are copies of our third party testing results undertaken in a TGA registered laboratory. Even though we are governed by FSANZ and our blends are NOT TGA registered we test to TGA standards anyway.


Tested for: heavy metals, microbials, Vitamin C content.

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Tested for: heavy metals, microbials.

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Tested for: heavy metals, microbials & probiotics.

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Tested for: heavy metals, microbials.

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Collagen Protein Peptides

Tested for: heavy metals.

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Each of our signature blends has been crafted with the highest quality, rare, and potent Australian Native superfoods, proven by third-party TGA standard tests. Explore our range and nourish your body with the best of nature.