strawberry bites

strawberry bites

Indulge in a delightful and guilt-free treat with our You Beauty Strawberry Bites. These bite-sized wonders combine the sweetness of strawberries with the richness of dark chocolate and the goodness of yogurt, making for a refreshing and satisfying dessert or snack.

Begin by chopping fresh strawberries into bite-sized pieces, enhancing the natural sweetness and vibrant colors. Mix them with yogurt and a dash of "You Beauty" powder, infusing the blend with added nutrients and flavor.The next step involves creating strawberry-yogurt circles, frozen to perfection, then dipped in melted dark chocolate for a luscious coating. Once the chocolate sets, you're left with an irresistible combination of creamy, fruity, and decadently sweet bites.

These You Beauty Strawberry Bites offer a balance of flavors and a touch of indulgence while incorporating the goodness of fresh fruit and yogurt. Perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings in a healthier way, these bites are a delightful treat to enjoy any time.


1 cup yoghurt (natural or coconut)
2 tsp you beauty powder
1 punnet strawberries (chopped)
1 block dark chocolate


1. Start by chopping up your strawberries into little bites
2. In a bowl mix together yoghurt & you beauty blend with strawberries
3. On a separate plate lay down some baking paper and place strawberry mix on top in bite size circles
4. Place in the freezer for 30minutes-1hour (until frozen)
5. Just before your timer goes off for the frozen bites melt your block of dark chocolate
6. Cover the bites in chocolate and place back in freezer for at least10 minutes
7. Enjoy!

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