Free Gift | Banana Biotic
50 Serves | 250g

Free Gift | Banana Biotic

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Amazing product benefits

  • Food to feed your good gut bacteria 
  • High in naturally occurring minerals
  • A great source of magnesium 
  • Taste is quite neutral
  • Great source of potassium and Zinc
  • A high source of naturally occurring 5HTP to promote good mood and deep sleep

Our bio dynamically grown QLD green banana prebiotic fibre uses a proprietary NutralockTM system that ensures a high nutritional profile.  The ultimate multifiber nutritional prebiotic with a unique combination of fermentable, soluble and insoluble fibre as the perfect food source for your good gut microbes.  Our green banana starch is an excellent source of 5HTP which works on balancing serotonin/mood, assists with prevention of headaches and aids in good sleep.

This prebiotic fibre keeps your good gut bacteria thriving which ultimately leads to long lasting health. 

Why take our banana biotic blend


  • Best source of resistant starch to feed your good gut bacteria
  • QLD grown nutritionally dense resistant starch.
  • Gluten free, paleo, AIP friendly, Vegan
  • Daily dose of magnesium 
  • High in naturally occurring 5HTP
  • Dairy-free & vegan 
  • Synthetic free
  • 100% QLD grown green banana prebiotic fibre*

How to use
Adults 12 years+

Start with ½ teaspoon daily (3g) and slowly increase up to 1 heaped tablespoon daily (10g).

You may mix in your favourite drink of choice or sprinkle over porridge or cereal of choice

Children 2+ years

Take 1/2 to 1 full teaspoon daily.

Quality Assurance

All our blends go through rigorous 3rd party testing by a certified TGA lab to ensure potency and purity. Our blends get tested for heavy metals, mould and microbes, vitamin content, antioxidant count & probiotic count.
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